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Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais

Digital Influencers

Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais

Graphic Production

Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais


Criação de conteúdo para redes sociais

Account Manager

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A colaborative marketing

We are an agency focused on solutions and strategy for your business.
How do we deliver it?
By assembling teams of independent professionals, aligned with the profile and needs of each client to generate results above average.

Cadriiane agencia colaborativa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we get a lot!
If you need other answers, contact us!

It is the representation of your company in images. This includes colors, typography, designs, shapes, photos, name and slogan. Do you know when the person hits the eye and already recognizes the brand? This company has a very good visual identity!

Content is any and all text created to sell your company. Behind it, there is a lot of research, an established language and the constant search to show the consumer how the brand has expertise in what it talks about. The copy is part of the writer´s work, who can create texts for many other platforms.

If the planning indicates that sponsored ad is the indicated way to publicize the brand, you hire the media service, which will be responsible for segmenting and purchasing media on social networks. The production of the post, image and content, are separately contracted services.

Static art is still, like a photo, for example. Animated art has movement, like videos and GIFs.

No! Each network requires a strategy, as it has an audience and a way to communicate with it. In addition, each social network has a different cover size.

The website is a page on the web that gathers all the information of your business. The landing page is focused on conversion, it is a single, summarized, direct page with a form to collect customer contact details (leads), or a CTA (call-to-action) to tell what the customer should do. The landing page is recommended for specific actions.


O U R   C L I E N T S

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clients who trust our work!

Arara Beach Wear
Fazenda Alvorada
Chão de Terra
Irene Lingerie
LK Acessórios
Matern Milk
Kombu Tea
Grupo Vitrine
BN Consultoria Empresarial
Bumbu Restaurante e Shushi Bar
Tomo Gastronomia Saudável
Chico Rosa Restaurante
Rogério Melaré Fisioterapeuta Respiratório
Nando Filmes
Signora M
Paulo Paiva Contexto
Bendita Cafeína
Instituto Namaha
Hila Ribeiro
Le Long

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